A Unique Family History

Pamplemousse Peluches is the somewhat crazy bet made by 3 brothers and sisters, Laurent, Hélène and Sophie, anxious to restore the nobility of the manufacture of stuffed animals.

The beginning

It all started the day when Hélène tried to find a stuffed animal similar to her giant rabbit from Flanders, answering to the sweet name of Pamplemousse, a pet loved when she was a child. Unfortunately, her search was impossible, no more stuffed animals. being made in France.

From this disappointment was born the idea of ​​creating a family business dedicated to the manufacture of stuffed animals, in the heart of Picardy at the farm of Puisieux. With the firm intention of giving life to soft and timeless stuffed animals 100% made in France for the pleasure of young and old alike.

A strong belief

At Pamplemousse Peluches, a plush is not a toy like any other. Sometimes consolatory, sometimes playmate, a stuffed animal is charged with a unique emotional bond that does not fade with the passing years.

Privileged witness to your story, a Pamplemousse soft toy will always listen to your confidences whether you are young or old.

The mastery of an exceptional know-how

At Pamplemousse Peluches, we do not make toys but friends for life. That's why stuffed animals deserve the best. The best materials, the best craftsmanship, the best care once adopted.

Our Mission

To give birth to hand-sewn stuffed animals in our workshop at the Puisieux Farm by seamstresses with nimble fingers, using quality materials to create a lasting bond with you.