A lost cuddly toy, A found cuddly toy

Who said that respect for know-how could not rhyme with the best of innovation? At Pamplemousse Peluches, we have chosen to reconcile the two by equipping each of our fabric creations with SPOORS technology. With this magic tag, the anguish of the lost cuddly toy will soon be just a bad memory!

How does it work?

1. A label with a QR code is stuck on each Pamplemousse cuddly toy.

2. Upon receipt of your cuddly toy, you must scan the QR code to set up your alerts by entering your contact details.

3. In case of loss, the person who finds the comforter is invited to scan the object via the camera of his smartphone without having to download a mobile application.

4. Thanks to SPOORS patented technology, I am put in touch with the person who found my friend Pamplemousse without my contact details being revealed.