Arthus The Rabbit | Blue-Striped Linen Pants

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Arthus and Joséphine are designed by Maison Pamplemousse Peluches in Picardy, France by expert craftsman.

The materials and colors have been selected with the utmost care from our European suppliers. When you adopt a plush with the Pamplemousse Peluches label, it is guaranteed to be made by our craftsman.

Claire, Isabelle, Marina, Marie-Line, and Martine are experts and produce the best artisanal toys.

Made 100% in France

Dimensions: 25 x 6.5 x 4.75 inches

Weight: 10 oz

The Materials

Pamplemousse makes it a point of honor to carefully choose each of its components, each of its craftsmen to create, manufacture and perpetuate the best in plush. From design to completion, each step is conscientiously carried out in our workshops in order to control the entire production as well as the high quality of our products.